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Whether you are totally new to beadweaving or a seasoned beader, we have designs and patterns for every skill level. Projects are technique driven, enhancing your creative toolbox and comfort with a variety of bead stitches. Learn to manipulate your beadwork by varying tension, bead size, direction, and more. Create beautiful projects and find your creative voice along the way!

What is Beadweaving?

There are many forms of beadwork and jewelry making. Beadweaving typically uses seed beads and other embellishments that are sewn together with a needle and thread. We use a variety of different stitches to create a new shape or structure with the beads. Other popular names for this type of work are “Off-Loom Beadwork” and “bead-stitching”.

Instructor Sue Neel

Fun and interactive classes!

Garden Windows Necklace Assortment

Projects for all skill levels.

Beads Galore!

Resources, Tips, and Tricks!

beaded assorted color necklacest on shelf


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