Dahlia Half-Cellini Lands in Europe!

It seems Ive had a run of good-luck across the pond lately, and it is such a wonderful feeling! The Dahlia Half-Cellini Necklace pattern is printed in the latest Bead &Jewellery Magazine (Issue 115) that has just hit shelves in Europe and at your local Barnes and Noble Booksellers.

The Dahlia Half-Cellini is a challenging piece that is not quite round and not quite flat either! This design is worked in flat peyote stitch, but because of the variety of bead sizes in the pattern it curls upward to form a half-round structure! Giving the overall look of a rope necklace, with only half the diameter. Best of all, the pattern is repeatable you are able to make the necklace as long as you like for best fit with your favorite outfit.

If you’d like to make one of your own, the full pattern is printed in the magazine and I have four (4) different color kits available in the ETSY shop!

Published by arcabeadies

I am an internationally known beadwork designer, instructor, and artist. I specialize in creating project patterns and kits that help fine-tune bead stitching techniques and show customization options for the at home crafter to make for personal use and individual sales (not mass production).

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