Sue goes to Honolulu!

Ahhh!!! The bead shows are starting to show up in public again and I, for one, am ready to play with others!!

If you have never been to a bead show, there are three thing you must know:

1) One can never have “too many” beads

2) There are so many shades to pick from, you simply must get one of each.

3) Don’t worry, you will get to all these projects “eventually”

With that in mind, load up the wallet and set forth on your shopping adventure!

This year, I decided to get back into the bead show arena in style! Adventuring to my favorite state in the union and taking part in the Whole Bead Show in Honolulu Hawaii!!!

The Whole Bead Show(s) are put on by Ava Motherwell and happen all over the country throughout the year. They are a great showcase of both local and traveling vendors, artisans, and sometimes instructors in the bead realm.

So, my family “slummed it” on Oahu while I toiled away at the convention center selling beads and hanging with my peep’s! (We all have to make sacrifices, right?) It was a trip to remember and a great way to reacquaint ones-self with the bead marketplace.

Hope to be coming out to your area in the years ahead!

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