• Tucson Bound!

    First let me say that the “Gem and Jewelry Show” is a total misnomer. This title would have you thinking that there is a convention somewhere in town that you can go to and have your fill of all things BLINGY, then drive home, rest your weary feet, and look through all your amazing purchases…

  • Glass-Tastic!

    Playing with glass had become a new hobby that has stoked my creativity and inspiration! See what fun lamp working can be!

  • Sue goes to Honolulu!

    Ahhh!!! The bead shows are starting to show up in public again and I, for one, am ready to play with others!! If you have never been to a bead show, there are three thing you must know: 1) One can never have “too many” beads 2) There are so many shades to pick from,Continue…

  • The Old Dog is Learning New Tricks!

    A few months ago I enrolled in a flame-throwing class at the Mesa Art Center in Mesa, AZ. First of all, I have to say WOW! This is one of the coolest places, ever! The level of talent and available instructors there is amazing – we are very fortunate to have this in our community.Continue…

  • Dahlia Half-Cellini Lands in Europe!

    The Dahlia Half-Cellini Pattern makes its European debut! It is a challenging, but oh so beautiful piece of dimensional beadwork!

  • Bead & Jewellery Issue 114

    There is certainly no shortage of beaders and jewelry crafters who enjoy a good magazine but it seems our options are getting fewer by the day. Call me old fashioned, but I really like a crafting magazine. I like the paper, the advertisements, the show notices, and the oohing and ahhing over the delicious projectsContinue…

  • Captured Pearls Published in BEADWORK Magazine!

    Beadwork Magazine highlights our Captured Pearls earring design!

  • My first design published overseas!

    Lochs of Luck is Published in UK magazine! My first International experience!

  • Buttercup Wins an Award!

    My first competition piece – a beaded puffer fish statue – won an Honorable Mention!

  • Galactic Pearls Published in BEADWORK magazine!

    BEADWORK magazine is a great resource for beaders of all skill levels. This magazine helps to highlight our craft, provide resources for supplies and features artist and designers from all over the world. It is such an honor to have my work shown here! For one thing, there are very few periodical beading resources thatContinue…

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