TOHO One-G Beading Thread – WHITE – 50yd Bobbin


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TOHO ONE-G Beading thread is great for bead weaving, embroidery, and loom-work.  These great little Bobbis hold an incredible 50-yards and come in a variety of colors.

Color #1 WHITE

NOTICE: When using thread from the small ONE-G spools, it is necessary to pre-stretch the line before stitching.  As you roll the thread off the spool, you’ll notice it has a curly-loopy ‘”memory” from being wound so tightly on the little bobbin.  Simply cut the length you want to work with, and stretch it between your hands in sections along the length.  The thread will be a little wavy, but mostly straight after stretching.  Now, it is perfect for beading and making your amazing creation!

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