Galactic Pearls Published in BEADWORK magazine!

BEADWORK magazine is a great resource for beaders of all skill levels. This magazine helps to highlight our craft, provide resources for supplies and features artist and designers from all over the world.

It is such an honor to have my work shown here! For one thing, there are very few periodical beading resources that highlight so many styles and original works. I love reading about bead history, how artisans got “inspired” and fell in love with beadwork, and about the general uses of beadwork all over the world. There are such beautiful pieces of art, traditional ceremonies where beads play a key role, and unusual materials that can be used to form beads in this new and “recycled” environment. Every issue is a learning about these tiny little bits that have me totally addicted to creating!

Thank you Beadwork magazine!

Published by arcabeadies

I am an internationally known beadwork designer, instructor, and artist. I specialize in creating project patterns and kits that help fine-tune bead stitching techniques and show customization options for the at home crafter to make for personal use and individual sales (not mass production).

One thought on “Galactic Pearls Published in BEADWORK magazine!

  1. I really like Bead and Jewellery magazine too. I especially like the larger pages. It allows for large and detailed images so I can really see the details in the work.

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